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район Aspatria

34 At the north-east side of the stadium behind three Rockstar billboards.
35 A package sits by the entrance gate at the south end of the stadium.
36 Drive south along the road that runs east of the stadium. The first buildings you come to on your right, after passing the stadium, have a gateway to a courtyard (no. 4 on your map). You will need a Cartel Cruiser to open the gate but once inside you can find the package sitting in one of the open garages.

район Rockford

37 In the north-west corner of the army surplus yard (no. 10 on your map).
38 On the hospital roof. Use an ambulance to climb up and get it.

район Liberty Campus

39 Find the pale blue St Matthias University sign on the corner of some crossroads that border the construction site and university. The package is down the alley just south of this sign.

район Newport

40 In a garage just north of the white multi-storey carpark. The garage next to one with a Blista parked in it.
41 In the north west corner, on the second level of the white multi-storey carpark.
42 There are two boat jetties on the east side of the island. There are steps down to them just next to the housing blocks where you work for Asuka. A package sits on the end of the southern jetty.
43 There is another package on the jetty south of the callahan bridge.
44 Find the City Hall (no. 18 on your map). Its the old building with the five huge pillars just south of the Callahan bridge on-ramp. The package is at the top of the steps behind one of the plilars
45 This is right on the border with Bellville Park and Bedford Point. There is an alleyway just south-east of the junction to callahan bridge. The entrance way is opposite a cybercafe next to the FBI headquarters (no. 17 on your map). Follow the alleyway round to find the package.

район Fort Staunton

46 On top of an iron bridge. East of the the Pan Atlantic construction site. You will need to walk up the beams to get to it.
47 There is a building being built next to the large green skyscraper in production inside the construction site. You can get up to the second floor of this building to find a package sitting in an unfinished room next to the stairs.
48 At the sout-east corner of the construction site under the green sky scraper that is being built.

район Bellville Park

49 In an alleyway beside the fire station. Just south of where the fire engine is parked.
50 Under the foot bridge in the middle of the park.
51 Drive south along the road that runs past the fire station and under another double laned road. Just as you enter the tunnel-like section there is a package in the corner to your left.
52 Find the two basket ball courts at the north end of the park. There is a package in the middle of the east one.
53 There is one floating in mid air above the Raising bridge. To get it climb up onto the central wall and wait for the bridge to raise. When its at its highest you will be able to get it. YOu will have to wait until you have access to Shoreside Vale before you can get it.
54 On the roof of Uncle BJ's Deli and Groceries. You will need to drop onto it from the spiral on-ramp that takes you to the raising bridge.

район Torrington

55 There is an alley way that runs down and around the police station (no. 16 on your map). The package sits in an area on the east side of the alleyway.
56 Behind the police station is a compound where the police SWAT van is kept. Get a police car so that you can open the gate to the compound and find the package that is in there.
57 There is an underground carpark under the AMco building (no. 11 on your map). There is also a package down there sitting next to the lift.
58 At the South west corner of the AMco building there is staircase leading you up to a roof are with a few different levels. Make your way up to the highest level to find the package.
59 On the roof of Kenji's casino where the helicopter is.
60 At the south end of the Island is a plaza with a star shaped statue in it. The package is behind the statue.
61 There is a package down the alleyway next to the Hyaku Dojo. The Dojo is decorated by white signs and flags and is at the north end of Bedford Point.
62 At the north-east corner of the cathedral there is a squared out corner. In there is a package.
63 Just east across the street from the AMco building is a shop with a glass front. Smash through the glass and go up the stairs to pick up another package.
64 There is an underground car park under Liberty Tree (no. 12 on your map). There is a package at the back of this car park.
65 Just south from the entrance to this underground carpark is a staircase. Go up it and look to the left to see a package on a ledge. You can also access the secret area to find the 'your not supposed to be able to get here' sign.
66 Above this underground carpark is another car park, accessible by a few alleyways. The package is beside a dumpster and scattered boxes.
67 Next to the subway, at the south of the island, is a footbrige with a package in the middle of it waiting to be collected.
68 Find the jetty area at the south-west point of the island. The package is behind some rocks to left of you as you come down the ramp.
69 Find the dual carriageway that takes you up the spiral on-ramp up to the raising bridge. At the south end of the carriageway, across the road is a package in a nook in the wall.

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